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Seoul Venture University has celebrated its 20th anniversary since its establishment in 2002.

We are very grateful for your kind interest and generous support. Our campus will continue to develop with your love and help. At SVU, we believe that our students and our research have the potential to change the world. This is the reason why we work so hard to ensure that talented people can study here, regardless of their background. This is not something that we can do alone. We need your help to support scholarships and research programs to contribute to society and national development and also to accomplish VISION 2030.

Donations to Seoul Venture University are funding life-changing scholarships and pioneering research. Your generous support will offer ideal learning environments and new opportunities to students. We appreciate every donation, big or small, but by making a major gift you can make an even bigger impact on our students and their futures.

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General Gift

You can leave a gift to SUV such that we can use your money on projects where we need the most.

Tax Deduction for Charitable Donations (* Please note that it may be changed from time to time due to amendment/revision).

Individual (Employee or Sole Proprietor)

Employee or Sole Proprietor

You will receive a charitable deduction equal to 15% of your donations (if your donations are worth more than KRW 20M, you can receive a tax refund equal to 30% of the excess amount) when filing for year-end tax settlement or reporting global income tax.

[pursuant to Article 34, Income Tax Act]



Your donations will be included in deductible expenses up to 50% of the annual income for the current fiscal year (after deducting loss forwarded).

[pursuant to Article 24, Corporate Tax Act]


If you include a gift in your will or your heir makes a donation from the inherited property, all gifts are exempt from inheritance tax.
(provided that a gift should be given within 6 months from the date of inheritance)


  • We will issue a receipt for income deductions to the address indicated in the commitment after receiving your gift.
  • Donation statements are automatically enrolled on Home TAX, the official website of the National Tax Service. You can easily access your statement through the year-end tax settlement service.

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