Academic Information

Course Registration

Course registration

Course registration

  • After paying the tuition fee for each semester, register for courses under the guidance of your advisor, taking into account the basic credits earned within the period announced according to the academic calendar.
  • Up to 6 credits can be acquired each semester.
  • Only students with an average GPA of B+ (3.5) or higher in the previous semester (earned 6 or more credits) can register for up to 9 credits per semester.
Confirmation and change of course registration

Confirmation and change of course registration

  • Changes in course registration are possible within the announced period and can be changed or cancelled under the guidance of the advisor and after confirmation from the professor in charge before/after the change.
  • Students must check the application details and corrections after course registration, changes, and cancellation.


  • Only courses taken in the current semester can be cancelled by submitting an application to the Office of Academic Affairs within a certain period of time with the approval of the professor in charge of the course.
  • In the event that the minimum number of credits required per semester is not met due to course cancellation, cancellation is not allowed.
Restrictions on courses taken

Restrictions on courses taken

  • You cannot take more than 4 courses for the master's program and 6 courses for the doctoral course for courses taught by the same professor. However, in unavoidable cases, students may take courses under the guidance of their advisor and with the approval of the president.

How to register for courses

  • 01Sign in to the SVU Portal

    Sign in to the SVU Portal

    ID : Student number
    PASSWORD : Last 7 digits of resident registration number (initial setting)

    ※ You can find your ID and password at the bottom of the signup screen.

  • 02Click “Enrollment”

    Click “Enrollment”

  • 03Click “Course Registration”

    Click “Course Registration”

    Click the ‘Select’ button for course registration. (Check the selected subjects at the bottom of the screen)

  • Go to the websiteGo to the website
  • If you want to cancel or correct a course, click “Cancel Selected Course” at the bottom of the screen and select the course you want to cancel.
  • Course registration corrections are only allowable online in the SVU Portal.
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