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Completion requirements

  • When the term of study has elapsed and those who have enrolled for the entire semester acquire the specified credits prescribed by school regulations, the course will be completed.
  • Acquired credits: 39 credits or more for a doctoral program and 24 credits or more for a master’s program (30 credits for those applying for the substitution course).
  • The total GPA of credits required for completion must be B (3.0) or higher.

Graduation credits

Graduation credits
Category Master’s Course Doctoral course
Thesis Courses Substitution Courses
Optional 15 credits or more 21 credits or more 24 credits or more
Required 3 credits or more 3 credits or more 6 credits or more

※ Even if the earned credits exceed the required course credits (24 credits for a master’s degree, 39 credits for a doctoral degree), if you do not complete the course completion credits, you will not be considered as having completed the course.
※ 6 credits for the master’s course and 9 credits for the doctoral course after subtracting credits from course credits (24 credits for the master’s degree, 39 credits for the doctoral degree) are accepted as credits for course completion when credits for major courses opened in other departments (majors) are acquired.

Diploma claim test (graduation test)

Foreign language test (general and major: 2 subjects)
  • Foreign language tests are conducted in March and September every year.
  • You should earn a score of 60 or more out of 100.
  • Master's course: Those who have enrolled for at least 2 semesters and earned at least 6 credits.
  • Doctoral course: Those who have enrolled for at least 3 semesters and earned at least 12 credits.

※ Those who fail the foreign language test may retake the test any number of times.

Requirements for degree

  • Requirements for degree conferees are for those who have completed the program and passed the diploma claim test (graduation test) and thesis review.
  • Those who meet the requirements are conferred a degree through deliberation by the Graduate School Committee.
  • If a person receives the degree in an illegal way or damages the school’s honor, the degree can be revoked through the deliberation of the Graduate School Committee.

Submission of thesis

  • 01Selection of advisor

    Selection of advisor

    The selection period is to select an advisor within a predetermined period before the end of the second semester after admission, and submit an application for advisor assignment to the Office of Academic Affairs after receiving approval. (* Roles of advisor: credit acquisition, dissertation guidance, and other necessary matters)
    If you change your advisor, you must receive thesis guidance from the new advisor for at least two semesters(however, exceptions are made when the reason for changing the advisor is due to illness, long-term overseas business trip, leave of absence, or retirement).
  • 02Submission of the thesis proposal

    Submission of the thesis proposal

    Submission of the thesis proposal for the thesis must be submitted by the end of the 3rd semester for the master's program and the end of the 4th semester for the doctoral program under the guidance of an advisor.
  • 03Eligibility for thesis submission

    Eligibility for thesis submission

    Only students who meet all of the following requirements may submit a thesis:

    ① Those who have completed regular enrollment and received thesis guidance for more than 2 semesters (* enrollment for 4 semesters for master's, 6 semesters for doctoral students);

    ② Those with a GPA of B (3.0) or higher for all grades;

    ③ Those who have passed the diploma claim test (foreign language test and comprehensive exam).

    ④ Those who have received approval for the thesis proposal;

    ⑤ Those who have previously published at least one research paper in an accredited academic organization.
    (for applicants for doctoral dissertations)

    Refer to the “Thesis Writing Guidelines” for how to write a thesis (official website).
    Thesis should be submitted in May and October every year.
    Claims for a master’s degree must be submitted within 2 years after completion of the course, and within 3 years after completion of the course for the doctoral degree.
  • 04Thesis review and submission

    Thesis review and submission

    Approval of the thesis must be submitted within the announced period after obtaining approval from the advisor.
    The thesis review committee consists of 3 people for a master’s degree and 5 people for a doctoral degree, and the applicant pays the prescribed thesis review fee.
    The thesis review is completed within 1 to 2 months, with at least 2 trials for a master’s degree and at least 3 trials for a doctoral degree.
    If unavoidable for the purpose of revising or supplementing the thesis, the review period may be extended for up to 6 months only once.
    The accepted thesis should be printed according to the specifications and submitted to the department in charge within the notified period.
    The final thesis passed must be provided to KERIS.
    The accepted thesis will be published as determined by the Minister of Education.
  • 05Publication


    Those who receive a doctoral degree must publish their doctoral thesis within one year from the date of receipt.
    Doctoral thesis should be provided to KERIS and dCollection.
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