Greeting from the President

You will be a blessing to others

Dr. Kim, ChoonHo, 9th President of Seoul Venture University

총장 김춘호

Welcome to Seoul Venture University, an affordable, high-quality university where students receive unparalleled personal attention from both faculty and staff.

The economy of the Republic of Korea has developed sharply and drastically in a short span of time. Now we are globally respected as a role model for many developing countries, and aim to become an advanced country – to achieve this goal, what we need most is a fair and virtuous entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the most important elements of entrepreneurship is “creativity”. We need to remove ourselves from the existing paradigm and think outside the box. Sometimes the experience of past success is nothing but an obstacle to further growth. We must defy the boundaries and boldly challenge ourselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is to overcome obstacles and take on challenges. When you try, sometimes you may fail and can feel frustrated. You need patience and courage to rise again.

It is the time to create new values that no one has ever done. The entrepreneurial spirit we must seek is to discover new demands and create new values in response to such demands. Kang Seok-Kyu, the first president and founder of Seoul Venture University, established our campus under the philosophy of “Service to the Community” where we offer rigorous academic programs that nurture global talents full of entrepreneurial spirit, who can solve challenges confronting Korea and global society.

The students we have cultivated will contribute to the world by overcoming various problems in ingenious ways around the world, and our school will be an example of a professional graduate school.

South Korea is a fiercely competitive and stressful society in nearly every aspect, with a lack of happiness and lots of social conflicts and disputes. I hope that we will work together to contribute to the world as a country which brings happiness and blessings to others – to accomplish this, a good education must be provided. It is because the country does not change unless people change first. Our campus will foster honorable and virtuous global talents. I feel privileged to be part of Seoul Venture University, and I encourage you to learn more about us by exploring our website or better yet, by visiting the campus. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you expand your horizons. Thank you.

Kim, ChoonHo, President of Seoul Venture University

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