Admission FAQ

QI want to apply for SVU. Are there any restrictions on departments or majors?
There are no restrictions on the departments or majors.
You can apply to any department you want for admission as long as you meet the qualifications and requirements.
Please refer to the Guidance on Entrance Examinations for further information.
QWhat is the admission quota for each department?
Seoul Venture University does not have admission quotas for departments.
We select 40 students for a master’s degree program and 60 students for a doctoral program and assign students to three departments.
Each department may have different numbers of enrolled students.
QHow can I take classes?
Our campus has in-person classes only.
At the very least, we are providing maximum support so that office workers can study and work at the same time.
Most classes take place during the evening. We also offer weekend classes on Saturday as many as possible.
QWhat kind of institution is SVU?
A. Seoul Venture University is a graduate school university, which has graduate schools only to train experts in a specific field under the provisions of Article 30, Higher Education Act.
Our campus was established with approval from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2003 to nurture venture experts.
QHow many people graduated from SVU?
Seoul Venture University was founded in March 2003; in 2005, 24 students obtained their master’s degree on our campus for the first time.
Until August 2022, we have granted a total of 1153 degrees, 531 masters and 622 doctors.
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